Recommendations and Gratitude letters
Moish Maoz
One of Israel's famous and experienced guides, for almost 30 years.
Worked with the most important nature and history organizations, including the Israeli Society for the Preservation of Nature, Yad Vashem, Avshalom institute and Yad Ben Tzvi. Lecturer in the open usniversity and in guide authorization courses.
A doctoral student in Israel Studies on the Catholic monasteries in the Holy Land and giving lectures on these areas as well as guided tours releated to religions and congregations.
The offered activities are:
  • Treks in Israel and the world
  • combined trips: Man and nature, sites, human encounters
  • Religion and folklore
  • History and heritege
  • Special trips and activities
  • Lectures and slide shows from treks around the world
  • Sinai dive safari
    For more details look at the trips page
    Moish's guides tours in all Isreal and Sinai, and specailizes in the next areas:
  • Jerusalem
  • Religous sites
  • Sinai high mountains
  • Judea desert
  • Galilee
  • Sinai diving sites
    In the world, Moish guides trips to central Asia (Pamir mountains), Nepal, East Turkey (Kachkar mountains) and Jordan.